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Art Trade- lazykixx by magentafroggy

ok, first critique, ever. First things first, Lets start with downs: His arm, is way to long, the arm should end a little after the tor...

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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Hey! Names Shoe-Demon, but you can call me Bandit, or Shoe.
I am a 16 year old girl with nothing to do but draw cartoons all day.
I hope to one day make my own comic and be decently known! Ha ha, I know, sooooo original, who doesn't want to start a comic and get known?
I do other things too! I play video games, and I do the guitar!
My friends include:
:iconmagentafroggy: :icondraghanell: :iconcas-anova:
My sister/teacher:
Idol and inspiration:
The chosen one(s) are:
1.Fritz Smith
4.Reno Quarus((Redo))

A. How old are you?
1. "25, 'er something."
2. "18 bruh, why ya asking."
3. "Awh, it's rude to ask someone's age, but I'll be nice, 19."
4. "I stopped counting."

B. What's your theme song?
1. "Uhm...What? Well...Uh... Revenge by MSI is pretty good."
2. "Perfect Sonnet by Bright eyes? Yeah, this artist is cold..."
3. "None."
4. "What?"

C. What were you made for?
1. "...Well, I was made during the whole Five Night's At Freddy's take over, I was orginally meant to be the murderer, buuuut, it's kinda complicated...Now she keeps me here for my fucking suffering! Haha...Shoot me."
2. "Her and her friend wanted to do an ask blog with monsters, sooooo, I was born."
3. "I was at first, some stupid edgey little runt...I don't want to talk about it."
4. "uhm...Pass."

D. Have any kids?
1. "Dear fucking christ, I hope not!"
2. "I'm 18 yo, no no."
3. "Not yet, but maybe soon."
4. "..Too Many.."

E. Favorite food or drink?
1. "I like alcohol, does that count?"
2. "Soda~~!"
3. "Wine."
4. "Alcohol is pretty okay, I guess."

G. Killed anyone?
1. "You a fucking cop?"
2. "On accident.."
3. " -smiles- Not directly."
4. "A few."

H. Hate anyone?
1. "Do I look like I have a fucking book the size of a damn bible on me? I ain't listing them for you, nosey prick."
2. "Hate's a strong word...I can list people I am fucking terrified of, like this one spider dude who hits on me, this crazy monster hunt-"
3. "Hahaha...I rather not share."
4. "Most of them are gone any way, doesn't matter."

I. Any secrets?
1. "I think I may fucking shoot you..Does that count?"
2. "Ha ha ha, I hate vacuum cleaners?"
3. "Hm, I'm bisexual? it's the worst kept, but I guess it counts."
4. "haha, pass."

J. Love anyone?
1. "Well...I mean--This guy I've been travelling with..he's uh...An ass, but he's pretty nice, we're pretty close actually...Haha, very close."
2. "My stuck up, stubborn, wanna-be-librarian, vampire roommate, and boyfriend. He's cute."
3. "-sigh- just the daughter of my enemy, but isn't life just funny that way?"
4. " Noooo I'm just married for fucking show."

K. What is your job?
1. "I don't have one."
2. "uhm, I work at a DVD shop."
3. "I'm a mob boss, honey."
4. "I work for Damian, that's all I'm inclined to share."

L. Favorite season?
1. "Spring, nice and warm and not fucking cold."
2. "Winter!"
3. "uhm, well, I stay inside most days, but nothing beats a cool summer night so.."
4. "Spring."

M. Who's your best friend?
1. "Hah, Birdy, she's my bestfriend from high school, she's petty helpful."
2. "Ali, don't tell any body but-- He's totes my boyfriend. -wink- "
3. "Uhm...Bestfriend? haha, I don't have too many friends..But Zarin definitely."
4. "The grumpy ol' hermit better known as Terrance, the Not-Doctor."

N. Hobbies?
1. "Heh, I like dancing."
2. "Playing the guitar."
3. "I play cards, that's it-- What? I run a casion..Don't look at me like that."
4. "I like to kinda sing, a little bit."

O. What are you going to do when this tag is over?
1. "Ey! It's over?"
2. "Go home, think about my life choices -Smiles-"
3. "Why? We have nothing but time~?"
4. "Probably go have sex with my wife--What? you asked."

P. What is your eye color?
1. "Hang on, it's not over?"
2. "Brown."
3. "Blue, like the ocean, careful, I hear you can get lost in them~."
4. "Dark red..Almost brown?"

Q. Are you good? Or bad?
1. "You're fucking serious? Well, I think I might fucking reach over and shoot your damn head off...Does that answer your question?"
2. "Depends? since you're not my boyfriend, and I feel no sexual attraction to you. Good."
3. "How about you find out? I mean, were you paying attention?"
4. "Hah, well, I've been told I'm a good man."

R. Any last words?
1. "Okay you know what? these questions are fucking dumb, fuck you, fuck your questions, and fuck everyone else here."
2. "..Why does it smell like a shitton of cigarettes?"
3. "Tell Av, I had sexual relations with his sister."
4. "Uhm, what?"

S. What is your greatest fear?
1. "...Dying...I guess, I mean, normally someone would say loosing a loved one, but no, it's death, since I pretty much sit by what could be my end everyday."
2. "Being a failure. haha, sorry, that's grim."
3. "Loosing everything I've worked so hard to get."
4. "Watching everyone around me grow old, but then again, that's already happened."

T. Does your name have a special meaning?
1. "...Fritz....My dad was a car mechanic...think about it..."
2. "Uhm, I dunno?"
3. "Damian is the supposed name of the anti-christ, is it not?"
4. "Nowadays I hear it means gambler."

U. Any siblings?
1. "Just one.."
2. "Nope!"
3. "I'm adopted."
4. "One, never met her though."

V. Where do you live?
1. "Nowhere, I'm constantly on the go, so the road I guess?"
2. "In a town, in a college, in a dorm, on a floor."
3. "Vertrose."
4. "Vertrose."

W. Do you find yourself attractive?
1. "Ha! No! Look at me! My yellow-ish teeth, my skin, my dark hair, good god no! haha!"
2. "..Uhm that sounds cocky..But..I think I look...Okay...?"
3. "Yes. I do."
4. "Well, I would say no, but I get a lot of....Comments saying other wise."

X. Would you kill yourself to protect the one you love?
1. "Y'know, anyone would say yes but. I dunno, I'm such a whiny bitch...I'd probably be paralyzed in place, in fucking shock. I really don't know, I mean...really, I feel like if we were in a kill or be killed scenario, we would both be infront of a gun anyway..
2. "Yeah, I would."
3. "Pft, who in they're right mind would say something other than yes?"
4. "Yeah I would, ha ha, even though she doesn't need my protection."

Wow, I haven't done one of these in forever! have some of the New with the Old.

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